The 6 Best Real Estate Apps

Today’s technological advancements have made life much easier for people in more ways than one. In the world of real estate, mobile applications have also helped prospective buyers, as well as real estate agents, find the best homes that match their budget and close the deal with homebuyers, respectively. Here are some of the best real estate apps available for download, which could help you in your real estate-related concerns


  1. Valerie Fitzgerald Real Estate – The mobile app is perfect for people who are searching for properties to buy in Southern California. With up to date MLS listings this app is user friendly and allows users to contact Valerie Fitzgerald, one of the country’s top agents, to help with their home search at any time.


  1. Sitegeist – Sitegeist is one of those apps that bring a lot to the table. It gives users valuable data and information on the areas they are looking into. The app can provide details like the area’s average temperature, landmarks, and popular hangouts. It can also give the average age of the residents, as well as the area’s political contribution, among others.


  1. Mortgage Calculator – Every homebuyer needs to be armed with a mortgage calculator. This will help you get a clear, accurate, and quick look at the repayment requirements involved in a particular mortgage. It will provide a breakdown of the monthly or bi-weekly payments to keep you on track until the time that you have already completed your mortgage.


  1. Vert – If you happen to be a real estate agent, then Vert can easily become your best friend. The app can serve as a conversion tool, allowing you to convert weight, volume, size, length, and currency, giving you that much-needed assist that will help expedite deals with buyers.


  1. Google Maps – A simple as it may seem, Google Maps will come in very handy if you are a real estate agent who tends to meet with numerous clients throughout the day. Considering that you will be traveling from one property to another, some of which, you may not be very familiar in terms of directions, Google Maps can take you to practically anywhere, faster.


  1. Cam Scanner – Considering all the important papers and documents that go through your hands as a real estate agent, an app that will help you save time in sending those items like titles will always be a plus. Through the Cam Scanner app, you can easily scan those documents with just a few touches right from your mobile phone or device.